“I regret investing my resources in Ruto”; Mp Ngirici says disappointedly.

Vice President William Ruto and his associates suffered a major blow after Kirinyaga County Representative Mrs Purity Ngirici said she regretted investing her resources in Ruto.

She says she has learned a lot from the kind of treatment she has been receiving since her main rival, Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru, joined the camp of Vice President William Ruto.

Mp Ngirici and Dp Ruto; image/courtesy

She claims that she is not being coerced and that Waiguru is the most enlightened despite the fact that she was the founder of the United Democratic Alliance party of Vice President William Ruto in the area.

“Only the smart ones are in the world of politics, honesty is a strange and incomprehensible situation. I do not even want to remember how much I built the UDA party in Kirinyaga from the beginning, but I am a young woman in politics and still learning,” Ngirici said.

She notes that she is very young in politics and so far has a lot to do before she takes another step in politics while trying to reflect deeply on herself and others.

This comes just a day after Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru warned that the United Democratic Alliance Vice-President William Ruto’s party is not her personal property.

She said UDA is a national political party and should not be considered private property by a representative and her husband.

Waiguru spoke on Thursday evening at her official residence in Kagio, Kirinyaga County, after meeting 200 bodaboda runners around Kerugoya, Mwea, Kagumo and Kagio sending messages of peace.

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