I want a wife who can have 7 kids and pray 7hours a day – Ringtone says.

Kenyan artist Ringtone Apoko has revealed that he is no longer looking for a woman.

In 2019, Apoko gained attention after taking to the streets with a poster announcing the qualities he sought for a woman.

Many considered it to be publicity, something he strongly denied. Now he says he has decided to focus on the gospel and wait for God’s time.

Speaking in an interview with Eve Mungai, the controversial artist explained

“I decided to focus on spiritual things. I followed the scripture that says, “seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

When asked what qualities he was looking for, Ringtone shared;

“I want someone who can pray seven hours a day.

I want someone who is not the queen of assassins, I want someone who can work, someone who commits himself.

I want someone who can have seven children, 7 means the number of completion.

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