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I want to elevate him: Wajackoyah looking for Simple Boy

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Roots Party official up-and-comer George Wajackoyah has communicated adoration for Stivo Simple Boy.

Saying he respects the Freshi Barida hit producer, Wajackoyah added he would wish to elevate him.

“I might want to see Freshi likewise… goodness I love that kid. I need to elevate him. Same way I have with (artist) Bahati. Bahati is like my child. He comes to see me here; he is my client.”

Wakacjoyah additionally promised to raise Stivo to a global stage.

“I will offer him free lawful guidance the manner in which I accomplish for Bahati. So individuals shouldn’t exploit him.”

A file of Wajackoyah. Simple Boy
A file image of Wajackoyah

In a meeting where he uncovered about his vehicles, the law teacher noted he had a few top of the line vehicles in the UK and USA yet didn’t have any desire to reveal which make they were.

“For me vehicles don’t make any difference a ton since I have an armada of vehicles. I’m a gatherer and furthermore gems, gold yet those things are my side interests. I don’t view it as anything,” he made sense of.

Revealing that the vehicles he is utilizing during the battle field were gifts from companions, Wajackoyah said,

“I have nine (vehicles). We have Land Cruisers, Lexus 570 and some prados.”

Adding that the Lexus cost was identical to one of his watches, Wajackoyah showed one of his rings and noted it was more costly than his Sh 9million watch.

The ‘cannabis’ president likewise reconciled with media character Jalang’o after the team traded not so wonderful words via virtual entertainment.

Referencing the vehicle he had been utilizing for crusade rallies was his number one, Wajackoyah who turned into a web thrilling official up-and-comer through his sanctioning weed declaration, added, “The one I could call least expensive is my #1, Toyota Corolla 1968. It is modest to run, takes me where I need, doesn’t offer me that consideration and settles on individuals decision me a joker.”

Saying he additionally sheets matatus, Wajackoyah says changing way of life after exposure was not great.

Having purchased his most memorable vehicle after he got in a mishap that harmed his hand, Wajackoyah says he doesn’t sell his vehicles as those are his number one belonging.

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