I was invited for the ceremony but I could never attend; Kanyari says over Betty Bayo traditional wedding.

Youtuber-turned gospel artist Betty Bayo is officially on sale. The singer, who is famous for her song Eleventh Hour, announced to her fans that she was married to her fiancée known only as Tash on Instagram.

She started making subtle hints by first posting a picture of Porsche Cayenne Ruracio (a traditional wedding) called “How It Began”.

She then followed it up with another photo that gave Internet users an image of how her Ruracio had took place. The picture highlighted the gikuyu tradition where the groom must recognize his bride among a group of women

“he even knows how I feel,” Betty wrote, showing Tash portraying her as a bride.

Tash and Bayo started an affair last year that made her ex-husband Pastor Kanyari go online, claiming he knew but was shocked to learn that the man she was about to marry was divorced.

I thought she would marry Jesus after the hateful words she said about me, he was a man who left his family, wife and two children somewhere. Shee did not look for Jesus, he did not tell her. , “he said.

The controversial preacher said that he had been invited to Betty’s wedding but would not attend. Kanyari volunteered to pay for their fungate instead.

“I can not attend her wedding even though I have been invited. Let her go on with her life. I came in front of him and at least opened the way for him. He can continue where I left, even if there were others before me, “he said.

Kanyari also revealed that he knew Betty’s prospective husband who was marrying her was financially broke.

“He is from central Kenya but he cannot compete with my standard. He’s a hungry man, that’s the best way I can describe him. I can buy them lunch, unless they came, ”Kanyari said.

“This is a horse and ass race. I don’t know why she rushed things because I didn’t expect her to have this kind of man. I was expecting a different kind of man. I am the most handsome… “

Pastor Kanyari expects Bayo’s new husband to take good care of their children.

“I have given my children a better life and I promise to send them to the best schools in America. Now that there is another man in his life, I hope he will participate.

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