“I will prepare dinner and kiss you goodnight,” Akothee to her husband.

Akothee is one of the great Kenyan celebrities. She was recently listed as one of the richest celebrities. She is a mother of five that is 3 girls and 2 boys. She is also a musician who is doing so well in the industry. We can’t forget to mention her great way in enterpreneurship.

Today morning, Akothee has posted on her social media platforms referring the message as a letter to her future husband.

She has stated that all she needs from her husband is a friend and a companion.

Moreover, she has added that she will be an asset not a liability to the husband. She has promised to do all required from a wife like cooking / making dinner and giving him a massage.

here is her post;


I would be the last woman to cause you pain or discomfort. I would only wish to see you happy, strong and achieving. Me coming to your life would be a plus and not a minus. You can count on me on every situation.

I want a friend in you and companion. The rest comes as a bonus.

Let me be the woman that get the best of you and not the stress in you. Whenever you feel lost come to me and I will serve you cold.

Will prepare hot bath for you, give you a massage, make you dinner and kiss you goodnight .”

How many women could treat their husband this way? Men you shoot you shot…..


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