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I won’t be attending Kibaki’s burial: Wanyiri close ally of late Kibaki reveals.

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Kenya is currently mourning the tragedy of Stanley Emilio Mwai Kibaki who passed away on the 22nd of this month. Funeral arrangements are underway with his body today appearing in Parliament hall by various state officials, with the aim of paying his last respects. It is certainly a great loss for the Kenyan people and their families.

Yesterday, a close ally of Kibaki, a former Nyeri MP in Wanyiri Kihoro, who ran in the 2002 election, revealed the cause of the dispute between him and the late Kibaki. Speaking on Tv47 , the MP recalls that during the 2002 policy, he and his late wife Wanjiru Kihoro donated 17 million shillings to Kibaki to spend on the campaign, but he was disappointed.

He recalls that this unfortunate incident happened immediately Kibaki won the 2002 election in which his wife and Narc officials suffered a tragic accident that left his wife in a coma for three weeks to 9months.

The former MP made it clear that Kibaki refused to visit his wife who was in a Nairobi hospital a short distance from the State House, but did not do so until his wife died. He reveals that this is where the conflict between him and the former president began.

“Nairobi Hospital is only a short distance from the White House, but the late President refused to visit my sick wife while she was in the hospital. When someone is sick and in the hospital, relax and go see her,” he told TV. 47.

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