I won’t respond to pettiness: Justina Wamae tells off Wajackoyah

Roots Party official running mate, Justina Wamae, hosts blamed her gathering chief, George Luchiri Wajackoyah, of being negligible after he called her for a disciplinary hearing.

In a proclamation dated Monday, August 22, Wamae guarded her self from any bad behavior in broadcasting out her perspectives, punching holes in the allegations in the summonses – that she was talking for the benefit of the party.

“I won’t answer frivolity!” the dynamic government official shouted.

In a gloves off assault, the two exchanged allegations, washing the party’s messy material openly. Wamae blamed her supervisor for taking care of people in general with lies about advantages she procured for being his running mate.

In her splitting shot, she figured that she wouldn’t be stuck to any ideological group and was prepared to continue on assuming need emerges. Wamae coaxed Wajackoyah to do however he wanted.

“Yet, on the non-existent convenience and vehicle you envisioned you helped me with, you can pull out in your fantasies. It is your party, do what you consider fit, I will officer on,” Wamae emphasized.

A file image of Justina Wamae and Wajackoyah
A file image of Justina Wamae and Wajackoyah

On August 22, the Roots Party, through its Legal Director Washika Wachira, served its running mate an interest letter over her remarks, which conflicted with the party’s lead.

Wachira denounced the 35-year making an off-base portrayal of the party’s political reserve partner with political opponents, refering to her salutary message to president-elect William Ruto and DP-choose Rigathi Gachagua.

“You have related yourself with our rivals and pushed for their philosophies. Because of your deception of the party’s stand, it has varied public criticism and unsavoriness,” the legal counselor expressed.

Roots Party coordinated that Wamae cease from talking or indicating to talk for the party in case face lawful activity.

“Inability to stop the deception and unreliable expressions, we have guidelines to establish a lawful activity against you minus any additional notification to you, to your hazard as to cost and outcomes,” the interest letter read to some degree.

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