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IEBC official shot 3times reveals what transpired

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Presiding Officer responsible for Towheed surveying station in Elnur Tula Ward in Eldas voting public, Mohammed Ahmed Qanyare, has related how he was fired multiple times by obscure shooters.

Addressing Citizen TV on Thursday, August 18, Ahmed revealed that he was shot multiple times by an obscure individual who had wore full police formal attire.

Making sense of what unfolded, Ahmed expressed that he was planning to gather information at his relegated region before the shooters raged the surveying station.

IEBC official Ahmed
IEBC official Ahmed

One of the shooters requested every one of the specialists and other IEBC authorities to lie on the floor. He then, at that point, turned off the lights in the surveying station.

Without uncovering the purpose for completing the deplorable demonstration, he started shooting, shooting him multiple times in the leg.

“Some official went into the room requesting the lights to be turned off. He later arranged us to rests close to the platform where constituent officials were sitting.

“I made a couple of strides back and set down. An official appeared suddenly and shot me and left me weeping for help,” Ahmed described.

Ahmed experienced dangerous discharge wounds which constrained the specialists to excise his right leg. As per the specialist who took care of him, his bone was broken, and he had supported vascular wounds.

As he recovers, Ahmed and his family have approached the public authority to quick track the examinations and carry the culprits to book.

The 32-year-old made sense of that wounds had impacted his everyday existence, including doing tasks to help his loved ones.

The races were cut short on August 9 after bedlam ejected following a debate on how the constituent organization had employed directing officials and their delegates.

IEBC chief Abdi Guliye was constrained to travel to Eldas to determine the deadlock and permit casting a ballot to continue.

However, turmoil were as yet seen during the democratic interaction, driving security offices to move vote building up to Wajir town.

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