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IEBC Statement on the slapped officer during the recent by-election.

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The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commissioner broke its silence on the assault of the IEBC officer by Rashid Echesa . Echesa was caught on video slappping the officer who was taking part in conducting the by-election in the western region.

According to the statement issued by IEBC this morning. they condemn the act if violence against the officer and any other kind of electoral malpractice during the polls. Further, such violence can cause political instability as the country approaches the general election in 2022 if the kind of violence will not be controlled and it will be a threat to the national security.

The violence was also witnessed also in other places where there was a by-election where there was reported bribery of voters and assault of IEBC officers whereby some individuals accompanied with Senator Malala assaulted a females officer by making her to frog march, she was harassed and insulted her in Matungu Constituency.

The IEBC had a meeting with the security agents from both the national level and county level to ensure that the same malpractice do not happen again. Rashid Echesa is current spending the weekend in the police custody waiting to be taken to court.

What do you think about all this drama? Do you believe that IEBC has the ability to protect it’s officers from the hands of assaults by such politicians?

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