IEBC – you will not need to cast votes for all six elective posts

With under 24 hours until the surveys, the IEBC has declared that citizens won’t be expected to decide in favor of each of the six elective positions when they show up at their particular surveying stations.
Electors will be given six voting form papers to project for the six up-and-comer spaces accessible at surveying stations.

During an elector reproduction practice on Sunday, the IEBC expressed that citizens will have the choice of casting a ballot in all voting booths gave or just those they like.

Nairobi County decisions director Gogo Nguma expressed that the choice will assist with keeping away from a rehash of the 2017 surveys, which brought about the invalidation of results.

Nguma further featured that the plain polling form papers should be dropped in the relating polling form papers “to represent every single polling form paper.”


“The law doesn’t permit the elector to give us the voting forms,” added Nguna explaining that the polling form papers won’t be gotten back to them.

During a conference under the steady gaze of the Supreme Court in 2017, the commission neglected to make sense of where unused voting forms were saved after the court heard that numerous citizens just decided in favor of official competitors while overlooking other elective openings.

The meeting was directed by Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, who examined the commission concerning where the plain polling form papers were saved and the way that they were represented.

Mwilu then expressed that the attorneys’ clarification was unacceptable after they neglected to convince the court with their reaction.

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