If you attack me, I will attack your whole village; Eric Omondi to Jackie Maribe.

Actor Eric Omondi once again warned Jacque Maribe not to tarnish his reputation in public.

Speaking to a local post, Eric said Maribe’s claim that he did not support their child affected not only his public image but also his commercial contracts.

photo/courtesy; Jackie Maribe and Eric Omondi

He claimed that one of the labels he had worked with earlier called him to ask why he did not support his son when he was paid.

“One of the brands I work with asked me why I didn’t support my son when they were paying me,” the comedian said.

Omondi insisted that he would not allow anyone to destroy his brand which he had taken years to build.

He said although they had difficulty raising their child, it was not fair for Maribe to call him in public.

“It took 14 years to make a name for myself and Jacque started to mention me, which is very annoying,” he said.

Blaming Maribe’s attack, Omondi said he would not let her go this way by defaming her. He vowed to take revenge on anyone who attacked him, noting that he was the only one to defend him.

“If you attack me I will attack your village. Women are protected by society, unlike men. The reason I post my final statement on social media is this; I was the victim of his allegations and I had to come forward and tell my truth, ”Omondi told the newspaper.

Although he noted that he was angry with Maribe, the self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa said he would continue to support the child whether the DNA test results were positive or not.


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