IG Mutyambai discharged from the hospital

Investigator General of Police Hilary Mutyambai has at last been released from clinic where he was surged on August, 25 in the wake of becoming sick.

Sources uncovered to Sambazanews that Mutyambai was released from the Aga Khan emergency clinic on September 1 at around 2:30 pm subsequent to answering great to treatment and will presently be observed from his Karen home.

He was moved from the High Dependence Unit to the general ward at Aga Khan Hospital after the tension on his mind balanced out on Monday, August 28.

Following his confirmation, Mutyambai delegated his appointee Noor Gabow to be the acting Inspector General.

A file image of IG Hillary Mutyambai
A file image of IG Hillary Mutyambai

“This is to illuminate the overall population that I will be away from office taking care of a clinical examination viable today. In my nonappearance, Noor Gabow, the Deputy Inspector-General of Police accountable for Administration, will go about as the IG of the National Police Service until my return,” said Mutyambai.

The last time the police boss was seen in broad daylight was on July 31, 2022, during the authorizing of the 27-kilometer Nairobi Expressway.

It isn’t clear what contemplations were made in naming Gabow to the acting position.

There are two Deputy Inspector General’s (DIG) of Police who assign Mutyambai. Edward Mbugua is the DIG accountable for Kenya police.

Gabow, is a vocation cop who has ascended through the positions to be the principal DIG from the normal police to lead the AP administration.

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