Illuminati; Magix Enga reveals how he joined illuminati and the price he paid to join

Prominent music producer Magix Enga has warned Kenyans against talking about the Illuminati easily, stressing that a secret society really exists and could ruin lives.

The famous producer of Gengetone recounted his horrific experience with Satanism noting that he lost much of his wealth in the end.

Speaking to YouTuber, announcer Ali, the former gospel artists revealed that he became very rich at the age of 24 after joining the cult but soon lost his fortune after giving up worshiping the devil and turning to God.

According to the Kenyan artist, he was forced to join the Illuminati because he was frustrated and unable to take care of himself.

The producer revealed that he was registered in the group with a Caucasian woman whom he met at Junction Mall.

The white woman would be associated with American producer DJ Khaled and her fortune changed for the better in the first two months.

Explaining that he did not offer sacrifices to his loved one as he is known, Enga said he donated his blood.

He bought four cars in a row and was showered with money and celebrated.

However, all things happened after he returned to God and he was involved in two traffic accidents on Thika Road.

Enga said he continued to lose his property while applying and at one point he was linked to American rapper Rick Rose who tried to persuade him to remain in the cult without success.

Enga last year shocked his fans after posting a secret message on his Instagram page.

In the post, the musician wrote; “I’m going to die tonight” and added “I’ll miss everyone.”

Enga is a multi-talented music producer who is highly sought after for his talent, having studied professional music production at Tapev Music School.

Enga, popularly known as King Beat, has produced some of the country’s most famous musicians.

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