I’m innocent; Vihiga man crucified over allegations of stealing a radio maintain to be innocent

19-year-old Vihiga, who was hanged from a tree on suspicion of stealing a music mixer, continues to recover at Itando Mission Hospital.

Collins Sambaya was ‘crucified’ on an apple tree on Friday, February 18 by fellow Chamasili residents for allegedly confiscating a KSh6,000 device.

Speaking to reporters at the health facility after being rescued, the victim claimed innocence, claiming he was assaulted by two people known to him.

The young man said the attackers tricked him and nailed him to a tree and his efforts to beg for mercy were in vain.

“I begged for mercy but it was not heard,” Sambaya was quoted as saying by Citizen TV.

As previously reported, Sambaya’s grandfather said the attackers went to the victim and tricked him into following them to the field where the mysterious incident took place.

Henry, the boy’s grandfather, said the family was still in shock as their relative was innocent.

“The incident happened at around 2pm but I did not get wind until 5pm. The suspects came to our house and tricked my grandson into following them. My grandson is not guilty,” he said.

The elder said a few days ago the suspects arrested Sambaya for stealing the radio, but later the police released his grandson as there was no evidence that he had committed the act.

A statement from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations says police were called at 4:00 p.m. The leader of the Izava North Area, Evans Endesha, to rescue a young man who was suffering from anxiety.

Police said the alleged attacker, Irime, escaped from the scene after seeing an increase in police surveillance in the area and a search was launched.

“The distressed villagers, who could not agree with what had happened to one of them, watched in disbelief as the officers rescued him and rushed him to hospital,” DCI said.

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