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IMF says it has offered Kenya the cheapest loan.

There was a lot of commotion that was going on online as netizens/ Kenyans learnt about the loan that Kenyan government had borrowed from International Monetary Fund.

Citizens went to the IMF social media platform pleading for no disbursement of the loan. Kenyans claimed that it was a huge burden to the tax payers . Netizens did not stop at pleading as they even filled an online petition for hindering the loan disbursement.

Kenyan government had applied for a loan of 257 billion , which is to be used to carb the ongoing Coronavirus disease. The loan also is to be used on paying some other debts. Currently Kenya public debt stands at 7.07 Trillion.

IMF has defended the loan rationale saying it has given Kenya the cheapest loan available.

This response has left Kenyans with so many worries.

some of the Kenyans claim that the problem is not about the loan but on how the loan will be used.

Some went online to reply on the response of the IMF saying that the loan will be used in corruption and to benefit some leaders .

The K Kenyan government has not yet responded to the cries of the citizen

Considering how the economy of Kenya has gone up, and prices of basic products like food has gone up. The loan seems to be burden to the taxpayers.

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