Imported Maize from Singapore arrives at Mombasa port

Kenyans will receive several tonnes of maize, just days after the government announced that it will open a window for tax-free GMO maize to enter the country.

The move aims to deal with the food crisis as millions of citizens face hunger.

According to the information of the Port Management Authority (KPA) issued on Monday, some 37 ships are expected in the port of Mombasa.

Number four on the list, the African Merlin, loaded with corn sacks, reportedly arrived on Monday.


Last Thursday, the Minister of Commerce of the Cabinet, Moses Kuria, announced that the government has made a strong request to allow the importation of 10 million sacks of GMO maize duty-free in the next six months.

“Tomorrow (Friday), I am signing a notice in the Official Gazette to allow the importation of GMO corn without tax, until we have food security, as this is our main responsibility as a government,” he said.

Kuria said that he will publish a notice in the Official Government Gazette to allow the importation and added that the government is ready to endure any disputes that may follow the decision.

This, he said, will open up the market for millers and anyone who wants to import maize duty-free for six months.

“There is no harm in adding GMO to the list of many things that can kill you in this country. This is why we have deliberately decided to allow GMOs in this country until we are proven that we have enough corn, the staple food,” Kuria said.

According to the CS, imports will be transported by the private sector.

The gazette statement is not yet out, however.

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