India citizens invents a new Goddess called ‘coronavirus’ to help fight Covid pandemic.

Indians are well known for their many gods whom they worship. Each one of them representing a certain aspect of Supreme Absolute known as Brahman.

Recently, India has had a drop in the positivity rate of Covid-19. Thou , the numbers are still high. In the third wave of the disease in India, so many people have lost their families to this pandemic.

However, there have been a twist as Indians make a goddess named Coronavirus to help them fight Covid disease. According to the reports, Indians worship and go to the extent of washing it with milk to please her so as to hear them.


“We are worshiping the virus in form of the goddess and praying to her everyday to reduce the impact of the disease,” said one of the Indians.

We really do understand their fear in this time. Since this is not the first time the Indians are trying every means to reduce the impact. Lately, some Indians were seen using cow dung so as not to be affected. Here is the link to the story; Indians spotted smearing cow dung to ‘boost immunity’ against covid-19. – sambazanews

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