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India Court looking for a man who flee to Kenya over failure to pay wife’s dowry and maintenance.

India’s Supreme Court has ordered a team of various organizations in the country to track down and arrest a Gujarati man who was hiding in Kenya after failing to pay his wife’s dowry and care for nearly eight years.

On Tuesday, April 26, the Supreme Court ordered the police to contact the country’s Interior Ministry to extradite the man from Kenya. The Times of India reported.

Through her lawyers, the woman complained that her husband and parents had co-opted her to flee to Kenya and further monitor her whereabouts.

She told her judges her in-laws lied to her saying her husband had traveled to Nigeria, contrary to police results.

A senior police officer confirmed that they were looking for him in Kenya.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The court rejected their appeal, stating that they intended to delay the trial.

The judges also heard a restraining order against her case, with her in-laws asking the court to dismiss the case.

In their decision, the two judges argued that the fugitive had violated several court orders requiring him to appear for trial of dowry abuse and non-payment of child support payments.

“We told you many times not to disturb the stadium. Now you have to deal with the consequences,” the judges quoted in defiance of the court.

Police have also been instructed to seize the suspect’s passport and also to initiate the process of issuing a red corner notice if necessary.

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