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International Kissing day.

July 6 marks the International Day of Kissing every year.

Kissing is not only an expression of love and friendship, it is also a matter of religion and social communication. Animals in nature sometimes seem to kiss, but what? Have you ever wondered why animals kiss?


If we look at the animal kingdom, we will see that kissing is not uncommon. Most animals do not kiss like that, but many exhibit such loving traits as licking, hugging, touching faces, and many other social behaviors.

However, our closest relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos, are embracing each other. According to the BBC, Frans de Waal of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, has seen several chimpanzees kissing and hugging after a conflict. For chimpanzees, kissing is a form of reconciliation. It is mostly seen in men than in women.

When you think animals are kissing, maybe not. In the animal kingdom, kissing might a have biological significance.

Animals approach and find their mates by sniffing, creating the illusion that they are kissing.

Most animals have a special structure, called the vomiting organ, located between the nose and mouth. This tool detects pheromones and can sometimes do so from several miles away.

According to American Scientist, pheromones are chemical signals that evolved into interactions between participants of the same species. All types of molecules, large and small, have been identified as pheromones, depending on whether the message is sent by wind or water currents or placed directly on the nozzle or antennae.

Although most animals do not show affection by kissing, they have other ways of claiming healing. Whether attached to a pack, giving the mother a nose, or a complex physical contact, animals care for and express it in a variety of ways.


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