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Government disburses 8.7 Billion to Inua Jamii.


More than one million beneficiaries of the Inua Jamii Cash Transfer program are expected to receive 8.7 billion shillings from the government to protect them against difficult economic times.

Secretary General of the Department of Welfare Department Nelson Marwa said payments will be made to well-registered beneficiary accounts from next week.

In a press statement, Marwa said each of the recipients will receive Shs 8,000 as payment for the months of March, April, May and June 2021.

“The government has also provided an additional 26.3 million shillings as an additional payment to the 12,054 beneficiaries of the Nutritional and Health Education Improvement Program (NICHE),” the section said.

The statement also noted that those registered under the NICHE program will receive an additional amount of up to Shs 4,000 per household.

“This additional NICHE program is aimed at households with children under the age of two, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who are already enrolled in the Inua Jamii money transfer program from Marsabit, Turkana, Kitui, Kwale and West Pokot counties,” it explains. the statement to the press.

And according to the Covid-19 social segregation protocols, the beneficiaries of the program have been notified that the money will remain in their accounts for a period of six months, so they do not need to fill all bank rooms and knock. .

Inua Jamii is a popular initiative of the Government of Kenya for National Social Security Network (NSNP) for Orphans and Vulnerable Children for Money Transfer (CT-OVC), Transfer of Older Persons (OPCT), money transfer for the very disabled PWSD-CT) also as the Hunger Protection Program (HSNP).

The goal of Community Development is to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable citizens through regular and reliable monthly cash transfers.

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