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Iran to arrest women who don’t wear hijab.

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Iranian authorities have said they will start identifying and arresting women who ignore the mandatory hijab rules starting next weekend in an effort to crack down on women who don’t cover their hair in public.

Since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after she was arrested by a vice squad for not wearing her hijab properly last September, one thing has changed in Iran: more and more women are going out in public without a hijab.

For months, Iranian authorities have ignored violations of the unpopular hijab law – for fear of sparking more unrest – but that is about to end as discontent grows among hardliners.

The Ministry of the Interior recently called on the public to reprimand women without hijabs, while the police chief announced stricter measures to use CCTV to identify those who break the law.

Under the new plans, women who break the rules will be brought to court and shop and restaurant owners who allow women who are not wearing clothes inside will be threatened with closure. However, more and more women in Iran no longer want to obey strict dress codes.

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