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Is Bollywood Actor Tiger Shroff dead?

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A few days ago, a story spread on the internet that youth icon and Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff died. As Tiger Shroff has become a successful Bollywood actor and fitness icon, he has gained a huge fan base across India.

At the same time, his fans suddenly became sad after hearing the news of his death and started searching for the news of Tiger Shroff’s death. What happened to Tiger Shroff? In fact, various hashtags of Tiger Shroff were also trending on Twitter after the rumors of his death caught the attention of his fans.

Is Tiger Shroff dead or alive?

Rumors about the death of Tiger Shroff are false. However, the actor is still alive.

Name: Tiger Shroff
Age: 32 years
Height: 1.75 m 5′ 9”
Date of birth March 2, 1990
Place of birth: Mumbai
Country: India
Net worth: INR 500 Crore

Social media people were trying to spread fake celebrity death hoaxes on the internet. But why?

It is understood that their goal is to get likes and shares on their posts so that their account or page becomes more popular on social networks

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