Isaac Mwaura’s wife fighting depression.

Sometimes even finding the strength to get up and work is difficult, he says

Nelius Mukami, wife of former senator Isaac Mwaura, says depression is the most expensive thing she owns.


In an obvious post on social media, Mukami said living with depression, anxiety and attention deficit disorder (ADHD) is one of the most difficult things he has to do in life.

“It took me a lot and it continues to take. It takes a lot of effort to avoid it and it still finds me even in my happy days and in my loneliness.”

Mukami said that sometimes even finding the strength to get up in the morning and work is difficult.

“No one understands that it takes everything in me to pull me out of bed,” he said.

“Depression continues to deprive me of experience, memory and people. I feel broken and unworthy.

“I’ve lost a lot of my parts, sometimes I look in the mirror and I can’t figure out who I am anymore.”

In an earlier interview with Word Is, Mukami said he had been struggling since losing two-thirds of his three children.

“I have been battling depression since 2018 in April, immediately after leaving the hospital,” he said.

“My mental health journey has been very big and very difficult to explain because not many people will understand.

“People think it’s a state of mind that you can get rid of with enough motivation, but it’s not … At least not for me.”

He said he was grateful for every day he lives.

“I know at the bottom that I’m not broken and that I deserve it. I know I still have a lot to win.

“I spent a lot of time mourning the person I was with and forgot to thank the woman I was. I’m a work in progress.”

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