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It’s over, Akothe hints on breaking up with Nelly Oaks

It’s over. A fierce rivalry between Akothee and his manager Nelly Oaks has ended.

The couple made many jealous of their love affair with the PDA they posted on their online pages.

Now all those pictures of their love have been deleted from the networks and there is a radio silence on both sides about what happened.

Nelly Oaks did not respond to the shared allegations, but Akothee issued a statement.

She does not say what happened but clarifies that the division is friendly and they come from the same area in Rongo, so peace must be maintained.

“I’ve given up on other relationships with different ups and downs, so this should not be shocking or shocking. It’s a personal decision.”

Akothee explained, “I need time to focus on my new happiness and less damage, I need to focus on my work, I am not ready for any promises.”

She continued, “Questions or answers about what happened … [I] didn’t just mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I’m sorry, it ‘s right. Mr. N and I have a strong family relationship. on the street, therefore, we respect the family and the respect for the family remains. “

In the usual Akothee style, he openly warned the media, his fans, and critics, “Please blog and media, do not call me to answer [questions about] any of the above questions, because I will not do it. . and [issues surrounding] my album and book launch. “

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