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It’s time to give Nairobi the Honor it deserves: Sakaja first speech as a governor

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has said he is prepared to push Nairobi ahead as he gets down to business.

He noticed that the ideal opportunity for political race and mission is finished and the time had come to work.

“The time has come to offer Nairobi the honor it merits as a city of pride and request,” Sakaja added.

The previous congressperson said he will be an inheritance as he targets making his declaration a reality.

Sakaja recognized his rivals, specifically Polycarp Igathe, for keeping up a decent battle in the race.

“Much obliged to you Polycarp Igathe for living the expression siasa safi,” he said.

A file image of Sakaja
A file image of Sakaja

To President-Elect William Ruto, Sakaja offered his thanks for being chosen to lead the area.

“To my duly elected president, thank you for accepting and confiding in my administration. I guarantee you Nairobi will be an extraordinary city under my supervision,” Sakaja added.

The Governor noticed that Nairobi will be a city of expectation for its inhabitants and the globe at large.

“Long stretches of inaction in Nairobi are finished, long periods of vendors being bugged on the roads are finished. We set an instance of making the Nairobi we need,” Sakaja said.

“A Nairobi that is impelled forward by the standards we settle on,” he said.

Sakaja, nonetheless, noticed that driving Nairobi will not be simple yet he is hopeful along with inhabitants everything is conceivable.

Likewise, Sakaja recognized Nairobi inhabitants for deciding in favor of him notwithstanding political arrangement.

To NMs Director General Mohammed Badi, Sakaja perceived the work done by the substance for the beyond 2 years.

” Unlike media reports, Badi is prepared to give up the capabilities back,” he added.

Badi, on his part, guaranteed that every one of the moved capabilities will be given over back to the region.

He noticed that the substance has conveyed its order in the beyond couple of months.

“NMS has achieved every one of the undertakings it was given in the two years and I say thanks to Nairobi for the open door,” Badi added.

He said the activities which are in progress will be given over to the province,” he said.

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