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“My second marriage has been tough,” Pastor Nga’nga’a reveals

Ng’ang’a said that since he married his second wife, he had been running away.

The founder of the Word Evangelist Pastor James Ng’ang’a has talked about his troubled marriage to his second wife, Loise Murugi.


Speaking at a church service, a controversial man of God said that since he married his second wife, he was running away.

Nga’ang’a said he should pray earnestly.

Referring to generational curses, he said that before marrying his late wife he tried to marry but was unsuccessful.

“I have tried everything and when I say I have more than 70 children, I mean. I have 30 in Ukambani, about 20 in Mombasa, Nyandarua and Murang’a. One of them seven months pregnant took off her clothes and never came back. I had to call myself to a meeting. “

Ng’ang’a shared this information about his family.

” I am the fifth born in my family. My two brothers left their wives, went to marry other men, my two younger sisters, their wives died. My first wife also died and I remarried, she ran more than 16 times, Foot and Way. ”

Adding that prayer helped him because after that he never left her again.

I must have called myself a meeting. I decided to take one of his clothes and a picture of him and take him to the prayer room and ask God to bring him back. I officially married him. After this prayer, he did not leave my house.

Later, I took a picture with his shirt and tied it with my other documents. A week later he came and never ran again. “

They were married in 2012 at Windsor Golf Club in a wedding attended by prominent politicians, close friends and family.

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