Jalang’o ready to end beef with Edgar Obare, offering Obare a job

Jalang’o revealed that he was ready to give his enemy Edgar Obare the job of social media manager.

The big problem is whether he will be able to adjust his content to campaign.

Speaking during an interview with Oga Obinna on KulaCooler, Jalang’o said

“He (Edgar) doesn’t have enough followers. Also, he locked me up so I wouldn’t see what he was doing.

But if he can come and work for us let him come. The problem is that he cares about people’s lives and we take care of the villages. “

Jalang’o is in the running for the Langata deputy seat.

Jalang’o says Edgar rose to prominence after delivering a speech titled Boys’ Club, since then he wants to introduce the prospective politician in all his stories.

“The first time he told a story about me, we arranged a house in Kitisuru for Gidi’s birthday. He said that’s when celebrities lure young girls with drugs. They got in touch later.

After making history for the boys’ club, it gave him a very big platform, which is why today he wants to correct me in everything. “

Jalang’o however says he is not everything bad about Edgar, he asked what he likes about him, Jalang’o said,

“He has created a space for what he is doing.”

Jalang’o is a prospective politician who is staring at the deputy seat in Langata.

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