Jamal’s wives stir online with heated drama.

The two wives of Jamal the Pure Spirit, Amber Ray and Amira, caused a shocking incident at their Syokimau property on Tuesday evening. The mother of one of them claimed that Amira, accompanied by five other women, had gone to her home and insulted her, Amira and a group of women, standing one meter from where they were. Amber and her friends were heard screaming, shouting and throwing unintelligible words The drama comes just two weeks after Jamal shared steam videos and pictures of himself with Amber

Residents of Syokimau’s famous property were treated for free drama on Tuesday night after Jamal’s wife Safi Amira and Amber Ray became involved in a violent dispute. Jamal’s first wife the Holy Spirit, Amira (l) and his second wife Amber Ray (r). Photo: Amira, Ambre. Source: Instagram The drama started around 9:40 pm, drawing several of their neighbors to the property.

Amber Ray was posted live on Instagram, photographing the entire event, drawing an estimated 15.2,000 spectators, including former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. The mother of one child claimed that Amira, along with five other women, went to her home and insulted her. “I’m in the kitchen and I hear the devil, the sorcerer … What is he coming to do? Because I’m the second grandmother to be abused? she’s the second woman, I won’t watch her insult me.) I’ve never seduced her man, “Amber said.

Amira and a group of women, standing a few feet from where Amber and her friends were heard, shouted and threw unintelligible words at her. ALSO READ A Happy Life: Mwangi’s daughter Iangi is proud to have boarded a helicopter from Naivasha to Nairobi “I blame Jamal. He is the one who caused this whole situation. Amber revealed that after Amira went to her house to confront her, Jamal fled. “” Yes I am, co-wife. She came to me to tease me, understandably (I am your partner, you (Amira) came to my house to harass me. This should be corrected, “Amber shouted. Amber revealed that Jamal had been living in her house for the past two weeks” Go take care of Jamal, not me, ” Amber yelled.The male neighbors tried to intervene, but to no avail.

Amira, the first wife of Nairobi’s three boss Jamal Roho Safi, revealed that she had never thought of her husband considering marrying a second wife. In a real interview with Massawe Japanni of Radio Jambo, the mother of two said she had no control over what her husband was doing.

Amira noted that a wife should be informed if she finds a partner in the Islamic faith, adding that it would not be right for her. “I never knew it and it will not work for me. I learned about it (Jamal and Amber Ray’s marriage) through social media,” he said.

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