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Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu and Paul loose millions due to viral video after investor withdraws .

Janet Mbugua’s ex-husband Eddie Ndichu and his brother Paul lost a multi-million dollar contract the day after a video went vido of them beating women at the Ole Sereni Hotel.


Kepple Africa Ventures Investor Kanzaki Kepple tweeted that due to allegations of assault on women by the founders of their company holding Wapi Pay, they would waive all rights to their shares in Wapi Pay as they ‘have no tolerance for such conduct.

Eddie and Paul, both fintech investors, recently received $ 250.8 million in seed money from Kepple Africa Ventures to promote their company Wapi Pay.


Janet Mbugua respond to her husband’s viral video , attacking women.

Janet Mbugua’s husband and his brother allegedly fight two women who ‘rejected’ them.

Eddie is the CEO of Wapi Pay while his brother is the co-founder.

Where Pay provides a payment gateway for African traders to receive and send money from Asia through mobile money platforms and bank accounts.

Eddie had announced that those millions would help Wapi Pay differentiate its products and reduce purchasing costs and make payments easier.

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