Japan hiring babies to keep elderly company in a nursing home

A nursing home in southern Japan is “recruiting” children for a vital work — to stay with its older occupants and make them grin. The compensation? Nappies and milk equation.

Newcomers at the office in Kitakyushu should be under four years of age, and their gatekeepers need to sign an agreement specifying that the children and babies can go to work “at whatever point they feel like it”.

They are permitted to have some time off “when they feel eager, lethargic or contingent upon their temperament”, the agreement says.

In excess of 30 children have been joined up to this point, entrusted with lifting the spirits of in excess of 100 occupants who are for the most part in their 80s, said Kimie Gondo, top of the nursing home.

A file image of Babies feet, Japan
A file image of Babies feet

“The simple sight of infants makes our occupants grin,” she told AFP, adding with a laugh that “there is no shift program or anything”.

A task advert stuck to the wall at the office says “We’re employing!” in enormous characters and illuminates would-be laborers they will be made up for their administrations in diapers and powdered milk.

Fruitful competitors’ principal — and maybe just — obligation will be to “go for a walk” around the nursing home while joined by their watchmen, it says.

“The children stay with their moms constantly. It’s very much like they’re being gone for a stroll in a recreation area,” Gondo said.

The inhabitants seem charmed by the youthful selects and have been welcoming them, starting up discussions, or offering them embraces.