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Jaymo Ule msee appointed as Wajackoyah spokesperson

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George Wajackoya, the Roots party presidential candidate, surprised many when he emerged among the four best presidential candidates who have been approved to run for the presidency in the upcoming elections.

The experienced lawyer who has been the talk of the town following his stance on the grass and the constitution among other things has continued to gain popularity as the days go by.

Today Wajackoyah has taken another step that has shocked Kenyans with the way this guy is doing his thing.

In a recent announcement, Wajackoya named comedian and content producer Jaymo Ule Msee as his spokesman and chief media officer.

Acknowledging the appointment, Jaymo said it was a great honor to have the opportunity to work with the Wajoyaoyah.

He thanked the party and all those who achieved it and assured them that he would work tirelessly to bring victory to ‘Jackoyah’.

“It is with great humility that I accept the nomination of the Roots Party & Head of Media. August 9. It is time for our generation to make the right decisions.”

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