Jimi Wanjigi warns Raila over ODM polls.

In a letter to the secretary general of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), Edwin Sifuna, the candidate opposed the party’s plans to use the agreement to elect its branch leaders.

“It is in the interest of the party that these basic processes and branch levels are carried out in a transparent manner, as these officers will convene a National Assembly to elect national officials and hold a presidential ticket holder,” Mr Wanjigi said in a September 9 letter. copy to ODM leader Raila Odinga and to political party secretary Anne Nderitu.


The protest came a day after National Electoral Commission (NEB) chairwoman Catherine Mumma announced that she had abandoned her plan to hold local elections and instead asked branches to nominate those responsible for the agreement by Saturday, September 18.

She said the decision was the result of the Covid-19 disaster.

“We are giving them two weeks – until September 18. All we have to do is talk to them and go to great lengths to allow them to accept because we do not want it to be said that we influenced their decision.

Domestic democracy
In the letter, Mr Wanjigi warns that the move could break the 16-year-old Orange party.

“The result of a rigged election is that your office will drag the party into unnecessary legal proceedings when members claim justice and try to rectify wrongdoing, and eventually demolish the party to pieces,” he said.

“I am of the view that we must maintain and build on these democratic values ​​so that ODM can maintain its contribution to the values ​​of governance long after we, the current members, leave the area.”

He further added that one of the goals of his party ticket campaign was to support the strengthening of local democracy as part of a more transparent, accountable and people-centered process.

“The main characteristic of true democracy is to let the people decide their leaders,” he said.

ODM Constitution
Mr Wanjigi went on to say that the NEB’s approach to electing party officials by consensus was a clear violation of the party’s constitution.

“It is unknown, inappropriate and clearly goes against the mental state of the deputies who want to participate in a transparent and democratic process to revive the party for the 2022 elections”, added the businessman.

“As it is now, your office and the National Electoral Council are acting contrary to the party’s constitution. This is the kind of high-profile sabotage, the result of which will lead to Kenya’s strongest party into political turmoil.

He demanded that all party members be allowed to take part in its activities, to participate fully in the negotiations, to formulate and implement party policies, and to receive copies of party documents, including the constitution, members’ guidelines, election and nomination rules, notice and information. available at their branch on request, in accordance with Article 5.2.1 of the constitution.

“Members also have the right to receive and impart information on all aspects of the party’s policies and activities, except where such rights are legally restricted; to provide constructive criticism of any member, officer, policy, program or activity within the party and its structures; submit proposals or reports to the branch, region or National Executive Committee, provided that those recommendations are submitted through appropriate party structures; and to participate in elections by voting and by-elections at party and national elections at all levels after the election.

Special case
Ms Mumma said the party left open the possibility of using votes to elect officers, when branches could agree or when more than one candidate ran for one seat.

He said Tharaka Nithi, Meru and Embu branches had already submitted the names of officials to the board for publication.

This week, the council met with officials from Tana River and Kwale, with members introducing themselves to party rules.


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