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“Jini la nini tena?” Netizens question Diamond’s brother after sharing this photo.

Romy Jons has set the internet on fire for another time. This is after he shared this photo of him looking like a ‘ghost’ that has left questions online. According to the post that wasafi Dj shared on his Instagram asking his fans is Dj JIini will fit him as new nickname , something that has left fans talking online.

” Nataka nijiite a.k.a dj jini. Ama ntazingua?” Asked Romy Jons.

@decka; just stick to your original name brother don’t panic! @Bery; do you want to be like a ghost brother? @vixe; but why? Just remain true to your positive name Jons! @ osca; do you think God would feel happy with that name? Just do what you want! That’s according to fans!

Anyway what’s your thought according to this post of Romy.

share your thoughts on the comment section. THANK YOU.

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