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John McAfee, Software pioneer, found dead in a Spanish cell.

The McAfee house on Belize Island was known as a festive home, with many women living there, as well as several large dogs. His former neighbor, Gregory Faull, reportedly complained about the animals. One day, McAfee discovered that the dogs had been poisoned. Shortly afterwards, Faull was found dead.


“John really has nothing to do with it,” McAfee spokesman Brian Fitzgerald told NPR in 2012.

McAfee was proud to defeat the officers. He once boasted about escaping from the police by dressing up as a German tourist at Speedo and again as an angry homeless man.

He once insisted, in a 2015 interview with WBBJ, a Tennessee television station, that he should be interviewed with a handgun.

“Very little makes me feel safer and more secure than having weapons in my room with the door locked,” McAfee told the station.

Despite everything, he twice tried to run for president.

In 2015, McAfee announced the White House offer and libertarian values ​​and the partnership he formed with the head of the former Silicon Valley: Online Party.

“Personal freedom and privacy are paramount,” McAfee told Larry King of the presidency. “I have been detained several times. I am a disobedient citizen.”

A former manager of McAfee’s home in Woodland Park, Colorado, lived on McAfee’s property for the early 2000s and said he knew the happy side of the program story.

“I had John McAfee’s best. He loved his yoga retreat. He loved to play the big piano. We walked his ground a lot,” he told NPR. “I learned a lot from him. When I lived with him he was strict against drugs and alcohol to focus on his yoga,” he said.

“He was stupid. That’s how I’ve seen him all along.”

In one of his last interviews, in a Delphi magazine, just before his arrest in Spain, McAfee was wearing a blazer and sunglasses and appeared unarmed, shouting and cursing the host about Bitcoin. He also expressed his hatred for income tax. When asked if that meant he did not want to return to the United States, he received an immediate response.

“No, I want to live in America. I just can’t,” he said. “They won’t let me in, tell me what?”

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