Join President Ruto: Ndindi Nyoro tells Babu Owino and Sen. Ledama

Ndindi Nyoro has tried to convince Babu Owino and Sen Ledama Olekina to dump Raila’s party ODM and join hands with the current President Ruto’s government. This comes a few days after Babu Owino accused ODM party of discrimination.

Babu Owino got down on the ODM party for what he named as “treachery” and “extortion”.

He said various young people in the party have been magnanimously supporting it however have not been properly compensated.

“ODM Party, so many youth and myself forfeited a great deal and involved our assets in the party throughout the long term, our compensation is double-crossing and shakedown. It is alright. Tomorrow is one more day,” he tweeted .

Ndindi Nyoro
A file image of Ndindi Nyoro

He was also supported by the famous Sen. Ledama Olekina whom they joined hands in binging down ODM.

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Ndindi Nyoro who has been the spokesperson for the Kenya Kwanza has tried to convimce the two Babu Owino and Senator Ledama Olekina to join Kenya Kwanza alliance and dump ODM .

“ODM is a party of goons. Undemocratic, discriminative, and very corrupt. Ledama and Babu Owino and other like-minded technocrats who fought to their last breath for the perennial loser will never be honored there. Cross the road and join President Ruto. Kwani ni kesho!” Ndindi Posted.

Babu and Ledama are yet to respond to Ndindi.

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