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Revealed ; Mukundi shot wife four times not thrice.

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The sex crime that led businessman Jonathan Mukundi to shoot his wife Philomena Njeri four times still attracts detectives.

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According to Philomena’s body examination, it was discovered that Mukundi had not shot her three times, but four times.

Twice over her head and twice over her stomach.

An autopsy also revealed that Philomena was not pregnant with a secret lover, as previously reported.

According to the autopsy of the state’s chief medical officer Johansen Oduor at the Kenyatta University funeral home, Mukundi’s bullet wound to the head blew his mind after coming in from the right and from the left.

Sources claimed that Philomena was shot while asleep and did not see it coming.

Neighbors, friends and staff of Mukundi said he was generally a good man but very quick.

Their bodies were found in the bedroom of his mansion in Kiambu. Philomena was still lying on her bed and Mukundi’s body was found on the floor.

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