Jubilee kicks out 6 rebels MPs among them being Cate Waruguru

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party has fired six rebel member of Parliament in a recent crackdown on dissenting members.

In a recent change in the National Assembly and through the announcement of Speaker Justin Muturi on Wednesday, February 2, the six were removed from their parliamentary committees.

The next step is for the party to appear to have failed to show loyalty to the ruling party.

Among the six are Laikipia Women’s Representative, Cate Waruguru who was fired from the Department’s Livestock Committee, William Kipkemoi, who was removed from the Departmental Information Committee and Katoo ole Metito who was removed from his position of Departmental Defense Committee.

Cate Waruguru

The others are Japheth Kareke Mbiuki, who was fired from the commission of the environment department and natural resources, David Gikaria, who was fired from the energy department commission and Ali Wario, who was fired from the commission. barriers to regional integration.

“I would like to report to Parliament that my office has received a letter dated February 1, 2022 from the Majority Party Leader, informing that the Jubilee Party has removed the following members from the special committee,” Muturi said before disclosing the names. of dismissed.

The Jubilee Party has taken action against lawmakers who are considered rebels and those who oppose party ideologies.

The latest change comes after the passage of the Political Parties Amendment Bill which saw some lawmakers, especially those affiliated with the Democratic Alliance, oppose the changes.

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