“I will prioritize participation of minority group,” Juliana tells the IEBC selection committee.

Juliana Cherera, a candidate for the post of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commissioner, will prioritize the participation of minority groups in elections, if successful.


Cherera told the IEBC selection committee that the priority of her strategy would be to ensure inclusion during elections.

“We will immediately put in place an accelerated program… we will give the team 100 days to complete their duties. We will pay close attention to these teams and where they are. minority groups.

The complainant, who has previously been an accountant to the Executive, has also been challenged on the issue of voter registration.

Cherera told attendees that the IEBC should adopt a more transparent process of tracking the deaths of registered voters, assisted by the registrar, to avoid questions and criticism in each election round.

“The death register should be connected electronically to the IEBC so that in the event of a death, the commission receives immediate notice and removes them from the voter register,” he said.

He questioned the electoral situation in Kenya, noting the escalation of their violence, adding that this was his turning point and what prompted him to enter the service.

“In the next election, I think we are making Kenya a better place to live, are we improving the living conditions of our people?” Cherera asked.

Juliana Cherera, a former teacher, was the second respondent to face a nomination board on the sixth day of the hunt, after Joseph Kang’ethe. Julius Rotich will be interviewed from 2 p.m.

A seven-member panel is interviewing 35 candidates nominated for the post of commissioner, until July 22.

The panel is chaired by Dr Elizabeth Muli .


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