Juma Jux introduces his new girlfriend, Karen Bujulu

Tanzania RNB singer Juma Jux is back into the dating world as per the pictures he posted yesterday on Valentines.

Jux treated his lover, Karen Bujulu, to a valentines edition before taking her later to a baecation.

The Zaidi hitmaker disclosed that, for the surprise, he had tricked his new girlfriend into taking a detour after picking her up from her house with a white lie: ‘I’ve left something important at home’.

Jux’s girlfriend, identified as one Karen Bujulu, walked into an already prepared, pleasant surprise from her sweetheart, something she did not see coming.

“Alichokua hafahamu yeye ni kuwa, kuna surprise nimemuandalia. Alivyofika nyumbani na kukuta the surprise, kidogo azimie. Happy Valentines baby, pole kwa mshtuko ulioupata

“Nimetumia siku ya Valentines jana kukuonesha ni namna gani nathamini uwepo na upendo wako kwangu. Wewe ni mwanamke mrembo sana, smart, muelewa, na najivunia kuwa na wewe kwenye safari hii ya mapenzi.

Here is the video of full surprise ; https://youtu.be/GbmudTpL6Yk

After the surprise, Juma and his darling went on a trip to unwind and relax. He shared photos from the vacation on Instagram and so far the pictures have attracted over 4.3K comments and 90K likes.

Here are more of the couple’s cute photos;

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