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Junior police officer fatally kills his senior officer

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A police officer serving at the Utheri Wa Police Station in Mai Mahiu shot and killed his older brother in a case that shocked his colleagues.

A report released Sunday, December 26, stated that the young officer took a loaded gun before fleeing from the crime scene.

Naivasha OCPD, Samuel Waweru, confirmed the incident and said a search had been launched to find the officer, who is armed and dangerous.

Detectives had also arrived at the crime scene and launched an investigation to determine what had happened before the young soldier turned his shotgun on his boss.

Police killings have escalated over the past year and President Uhuru Kenyatta has been forced to intervene after one police officer shot dead six people in Kabete.

The head of state expressed his dismay at the increase in rabies cases committed by police officers and urged police to find other ways to resolve their problems, such as counseling.

He reminded the police of the heavy responsibility they carry with their weapons.

“I want to appeal especially to the youth, there are so many problems in this world but there is no problem that cannot be solved when people talk, I say this because this problem bothers me.

“I beg you. If you find you have a problem at home or at work, seek out your colleagues, elders or family to talk to. You will find a solution just by talking,” Uhuru advised.

The president also acknowledged that mental health is a real challenge within the police service, urging soldiers to address the challenges they face.

“Mental health is a real problem, but it is a problem that can be solved if you reach it. It is not necessary to do the deeds that we have seen. Please continue.

“Your weapon is used to protect lives, not to take them away. I want to assure you that this problem is everywhere and it is a problem that we want to deal with as a government,” the head of state stressed.

In addition, the President expressed his desire to address these challenges which have been identified as a source of mental health problems.

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