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Just 2minutes please: Makana who caused a scene outside Parliament disrupt Kibaki’s funeral at Nyayo Stadium.

A man was about to interrupt the funeral service of former President Mwai Kibaki on Friday when he tried to make his remarks after a final prayer.

“Allow me just two minutes to say a few words,” the man pleaded with Archbishop Anthony Muheria in a live microphone as he concluded his final prayer.

The Archbishop immediately hugged him and pushed him before he was taken away by the guards.

Here is the video of the scene:

“He is a child of our nation who has been touched by the death of our president,” the archbishop declared, urging security officials to “treat him well.”

This is the same man who caused a stir in the Parliament building earlier this week when he claimed to have been allowed to look at Kibaki’s body while he was in government for three days.

There was no immediate word from security agencies about the imminent security violations in the event that followed a strict protocol for military accuracy.

Kibaki’s funeral was held at the stadium and received full military honors before his burial in Nyeri on Saturday.

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