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Just In: Armed robbers attempt to invade city Bank in Kisumu.

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There was an altercation at a commercial bank in Kisumu town on Tuesday, November 23, after suspected robbers tried to raid.

In a video seen , police fired shots into the air and issued orders to panic-stricken bank attendants and spectators trying to stop the robbery.

commercial bank in kisumu; image/courtesy

Police ordered spectators and passersby to lie on their stomachs while trying to identify and apprehend the thieves.

Officers were also seen directing traffic as they tried to calm down.

At the time of the press release, the commercial bank had not released any information about the alleged robbery, although police have not yet made a statement if the suspected thieves have been arrested.

According to media reports, four armed robbers tried to invade the area but were confronted by urgent police action, which arrived a few minutes later.

In another video, police are seen ordering everyone who came out of the bank to lie down in an attempt to prevent the situation and prevent all attempts by thieves to make themselves victims.

Police have arrived at the scene, at least 30 at the time of publication.

Led by Nyanza Regional Police Commander Karanja Muiruri, police aimed to restore order on the busy road.

Noting how the robbers entered, reports said they pretended to be customers and dropped a tear gas canister on the ground, prompting some of the customers and staff to flee the area.

People who witnessed the scene alerted the police, which led to four police vehicles being sent to the scene.

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