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#JusticeforEbbie: Mother to Ebbie speaks out for the first time.

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Speaking to reporters this morning, Ebbie’s mother, Martha Wanjiru, said she had organized the match because justice had taken so long.

She added that she wanted President Uhuru to intervene as those responsible are known but are still walking freely.

She demands that her daughter’s killers be arrested.

“My name is Martha Wanjiru Samuel, I am Mama Ebbie, mother and citizen of this country. I planned this game to walk to the president’s office as we need his intervention in this matter.

It has been a long time coming. It’s spinning. It was a false and false promise. “

Marthe added;

“I think I’m tired of waiting because my daughter’s killer is known to DCI and yesterday they tweeted.

They did not arrest them, they just tweeted. We are heading to the president’s office for the president himself to intervene.

My daughter is Kenyan despite what they say, she was born here and is a citizen of this country.

That is why I need the intervention of the president I voted for to keep him in power. Thank you very much.

Right for Ebbie. Delayed justice is deprivation. “

Ebbie’s story was first exposed by former NTV journalist Dennis Okari.

Recently, journalist Lynn Ngugi followed the story when she interviewed Ebbie’s mother on her YouTube channel.

According to a tweet from DCI, the investigation is at an advanced stage.

It has been revealed that the girl was violently attacked by a senior member of the administration during the evening preparations, alleging that her hair was done in violation of school rules.

DCI, in a report on Wednesday, said it began investigating the case in January this year.

“Investigators have tried to record the testimony of witnesses who include [student’s] friends and classmates and on January 11, a team of experienced detectives was sent for this task,” we read in the report.

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