“Next collabo is with Justin Bieber,” Bahati reveals.

Bahati came out with one of his most interesting reports ever given by a Kenyan artist or the end of Kenya! The mtoto wa Diana, as he likes to be called, he announced that he was next collaborating with Justin Bieber.

He revealed in an interview with Citizen TV presenter Willy M Tuva. He said: Hold on, I’ll work with Justin Bieber.

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Willy seemed so shocked with the singer’s revelations.

Willy even asked rudely if Uhuru would get involved in the business? Bahati immediately denied the allegations, saying the president was not involved.

You can clearly say from the interaction that Willy and Bahati himself did not seem to believe the good things he had given us.

Je! What did Kenyans think who saw the change? Many of them called Bull over his revelation.

Is Bahati just clout chasing ?Is it possible that the singer is working with one of the most profitable stars in the world?


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