Justina Syokau shoot her shoot to Ringtone, finally confesses to like him.

Justina Syokau, a Kenyan gospel singer, has revealed her feelings to fellow gospel singer Ringtone Apoko.

Justina said in an interview with The Trend on Friday that he was attracted to Ringtone because he was a good man and a lot of money, but he was not sure that his bedroom needs would be met.

“He’s a good guy, he’s handsome, he money, But I don’t think enough vegetables.

The sound of the phone would have to slow down his conversation to get the couple to work as a couple, Justina continued.

“The phone ring is attractive, rich… but he is thin and he talks a lot… If we all talk at home, our marriage will not work,” he added.

This follows Justina’s recent confession of love for Ringtone, in which she said she was grateful that Ringtone was not involved in any women’s scandal in Nairobi.

“I have not seen any rumors or scandals involving women, although I see he has a problem when it comes to ‘bed issues’ I can tolerate him as long as he has money. If anyone loves you in this Nairobi city, it’s Justina Syokau. The sound of the phone gives me sleep at night in this city, “he said.

Since then, Ringtone has come to advise Justina, warning her that her heart’s competition is fierce.

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