Justina Syokau steps out with floor-sweeping hair extensions costing Kshs 100k for her birthday.

Gospel singer Justina Syokau left fans speechless with her birthday dress on after leaving the beauty wearing a long black gown.

Syokau, who was conducting an interview when she arrived at her birthday party hall, refused to disclose her age and simply said she had a happy new year in her life.

“This is a year of passing through doors where I am honored, it is a year of prosperity and peace, this year ‘I will not have a plan’ with any human being,” he said.

Twendy Twendy artist revealed that she poured KSh 100,000 into her brown hair that reached the floor.

“As you can see my hair is falling. Very expensive KSh 100,000 hair,” she said.

Justina Syokau

The musician went on to introduce her entire team and the people who adorned her on special occasions adding that most of them are people who have been with her in difficult and difficult situations.

When they entered the well-appointed hotel room, the gospel singer could not help but eat the meals and cakes the hotel had prepared.

“I wanted a birthday for my friends, just a few people and there is plenty of food here so everyone has something to eat,” he added.

Syokau then took a piece of cake and said it was one of his favorite cakes and ate it before telling guests that his official birthday cake was also coming.

The musician recently quit, claiming she was improving her videos while dancing for God.

Syokau said he was born again with everything in hee body and added that Jesus would not allow her to twerk even if she wanted to.

Social media users were impressed with her feelings, while others encouraged her to continue living her life.

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