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Justina Wamae: The last time I spoke to Wajackoyah was on August 3

Roots Party official running mate Justina Wamae has kept on lifting the top on her stressed binds with party pioneer George Wajackoyah.

Wamae currently guarantees she last talked with her manager before the August 9 general political decision.

“The last time I had a discussion with my party chief was August 3, that was before decisions,” she said during a TV interview on Tuesday.

Wamae guaranteed from there on, Wajackoyah obstructed her and they haven’t been in that frame of mind since put something aside for when they met at the Bomas of Kenya during vote counting – and they just said hello.

“We have not spoken with him on issues on political race and our party face to face,” Wamae uncovered.

A file image of Justina Wamae and Wajackoyah
A file image of Justina Wamae and Wajackoyah

Relations between the two official hopefuls have raised a ruckus around town prompting a disciplinary bring to Wamae.

The bone of dispute spins around Wamae’s public expressions that don’t reflect party position.

They incorporate one where she guaranteed Wajackoyah embraced Azimio official up-and-comer Raila Odinga in front of the surveys, a position her party chief had recently excused as misleading.

In a letter by lawful chief Washika Wachira, the party blamed Wamae for breaking party structures and spoiling the party’s standing.

Wamae, notwithstanding, excused the request saying she can’t answer unimportance.

During the meeting on Tuesday, Wamae asserted her party is disarranged and their representative assembly for the races was poor.

“I said our party because not coordinated is the way that he (Wajackoyah) didn’t have any desire to address me as his nearby partner,”

Wamae, nonetheless, expressed that notwithstanding the difficulties, she didn’t really approve to air them in the general population.

She maintains that the issues should be settled in an actual sitting and not via virtual entertainment.

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