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“Kabi WaJesus has refused to go for DNA,” Kabi’s cousin exposes.

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It’s now two months since Kabi WaJesus was accused by her Cousin for being a dead beat dad. Kabi’s cousin went ahead to expose Kabi and said that she was in a relationship with her cosin and they had sired a child.

Kabi WaJesus is the famous husband of Milly WaJesus . Kabi and Milly are well known by the name ‘WaJesus family’. Milly and Kabi are a famous celebrity couple.

After Kabi’s cousin revealed that Kabi is a dead dad, most fans went ahead to attack Kabi and told him to acknowledge his responsibility to Abby.

Kabi’s cousin revealed that they exposed Kabi for ignoring his responsibility of taking care of Abby and even went ahead to ignore calls. Kabi’s cousin also revealed that Kabi had failed to cooperate.

Kabi’s cousin decided to take court’s intervention and they filed a case. The judge ordered for a DNA test but Kabi has refused to go for the test.

See screenshots of Kabi’s expose below.

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