Kabi WaJesus ventures into the music industry, set to release his Debut song.

The WaJesus family are arguably among the most famous celebrity families in the country and are undoubtedly admired by many due to their genuine love that sometimes looks like a fairy tale.

Made up of Peter Kabi alias Kabi WaJesus and his wife Milly Wambu alias Milly WaJesus, they have on many occasions shared couple goals on their social media platforms which has arguably left many wishing to have a love life like them.

They are well known for their YouTube vlogging and content creating, they have also created a niche for themselves in this competitive entertainment industry and have even gained a huge following online.

The father of one disclosed this on his Instagram account whereby he disclosed that he will be releasing his first song today at 3pm.

He further asked his fans to make a guess of what his song is about and added that it would be released on the family’s YouTube channel dubbed ‘THEWAJESUSFAMILY’.

Kabi said,”Today at 3pm I release my first single pale YouTube.

Mtajuaje me ni msanii.

What do you think the song is about?”

Kabi WaJesus has some experience in the music industry as he has been previously featured in Gospel hit song “Kanashika” which was released by artistes Kaymo and Collo.

Let’s support our own son pale youtube.


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