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Kabogo exposes UDA

Former Kiambu Governor William Gitau Kabogo has slammed Kenya First Vice-Presidential candidate Rigathi Gachagua for being a tyrant in the political wing led by Vice President William Ruto.

Speaking at a public rally on Thursday, June 16, Kabogo claimed that Gachagua was responsible for the tragedy of the Kenya First coalition and especially Kiambu County. He accused the MP of representing the only United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate Kimani Wamatangi during the county swearing-in.

Kabogo claimed that the rivalry of the brothers in Mount Kenya was due to the royal position in the area. The party’s leader Tujibebe stated that he was the supreme leader of Mount Kenya, something that MP Mathira objected to.

The former Kiambu County boss told voters that he had warned Vice President William Ruto against electing Gachagua, calling him a dictator.

“William Ruto and his UDA party want to swallow all the other parties. But I refused to be swallowed. They treated me the way they treated me and Ferdinand Waititu is what they want to do now. They want us to support the Tangi.

“After Ruto elected Rigathi Gachagua who I was against, then the problem started to emerge between UDA and other parties, this is a dictator and my fault is not telling the truth because I told William Ruto that he would do it. he loses a lot of votes by choosing this party. Imagine Ruto can’t lead the country, do you think this man can take over the presidency? Kabogo photographed.

This comes as Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria and Kabogo have announced they will not be attending any of the Kenya First meetings on the grounds that UDA politicians will be favored.

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